Frequently Asked Questions

Can I learn more about your business?

Our company, the CHEF & MARKET BRANDS, INC. is an establishment food company that offers and supplies high quality food products, offering food franchise business concepts.

The success of its first franchise business venture and food kiosk – GUSTO GOTO, gave the company the drive to venture into the highly promising Franchising business endeavor.

The company provides a turnkey operation and support structure in marketing and operations to help maximize store performance. Most franchisors either do not provide these services, or they require additional fees if these services are available. At CHEF & MARKET BRANDS, INC., these services are included.

Are the people behind the company experienced in their field?

Yes. Our Managing Partners are experts in their fields, committed to provide business guidance to ensure smooth operations in a growing franchise business.
Together with our Corporate Chef, they are all passionate about product quality, and have over 50 years of combined experience in:
▪ Service Industry
▪ Food Processing
▪ Marketing, Social Media and Brand-Building
▪ Franchising and
▪ Distribution Business

How much does Franchise cost?

For GUSTO GOTO, the current Franchise Fee promo offering is P 198,888.00. The standard franchise fee starts at P 350,000.00, which include the right to use the franchisor’s trademark and business system as well as food kiosk construction cost, equipment and supplies, initial budget for uniform, training, marketing collaterals and other provisions to conduct the business of offering the signature GUSTO GOTO meals. Our best GUSTO GOTO franchise package will help you save P151,112.00.

For KUYA BAO, the current Franchise Fee promo offering is P 108,888.00 and will help you save P60,000.00.

For CHICK ‘EN SHAKE, the current Franchise Fee promo offering is P 108,888.00 and will help you save P60,000.00.

For HERBEE’S Chicken Wings, the current Franchise Fee promo offering is now P 98,888.00 and will help you save P70,000.00.

Can we get a discount?

We are still offering a discounted franchise fee for all food franchise concepts, until May 2, 2022.

Take advantage of these affordable franchise opportunities that fits your budget and offer financial independence now!

How much is the Monthly Royalty Fee?

The good news is we do not have Royalty Fee which is one of the benefits of being a Franchisee unlike any other Franchise Business which is costly and with monthly royalty fee of 5%-8% of Gross Sales.

The regular royalty fees in franchise are frequently used by the franchisor to keep up with the continual expenses that are a part of running a successful company. Such continual costs include things like administration, employee salaries, product development, branding, field support, and research.

What is the Monthly Advertising or Marketing Contribution?

Another good news is we do not have any Marketing Fee which is one of the benefits of being a Franchisee unlike any other Franchise Business where Franchisees are required to contribute a marketing fee of 1% – 2% of Gross Sales each month for both national and local area marketing, there is no promotional contributions in operating our food franchise business opportunities.

How much is the down payment?

We can accommodate a non-refundable P20,000.00 down payment provided full franchise fee is paid within the agreed period. We shall not start with the construction unless the full franchise fee is settled.

What is the ideal size for a kiosk store?

The ideal size of a Franchised Kiosk or Food Cart is ranging from 4 to 6 square meters preferably in a high visibility and foot traffic area.

Where do I purchase my tools, equipment and products?

The equipment and kitchenwares needed to operate is already included in the franchise package. Franchisor may on his own purchase additional equipment and kitchen tools specified for the Franchise Kiosk.

Franchisee shall purchase the Raw Materials and identified food products only from the Franchisor. These main food items – supplies and ingredients will be supplied by the Franchisor to sustain quality standards, reputation, uniformity, and consistency throughout its entire franchise system.

There are items that need to be regularly purchased by the franchise. In the case of GUSTO GOTO, these are eggs, calamansi and spring onions but the main raw materials will be coming and ordered from the Franchisor

When is the ROI?

Based on the mobile cart or food kiosk performance, the return of investment will be conservative of less than a year, depending also on store management. Remember that your goal as a franchisee is to improve sales and profits and that will also improve your income.

All over the world, the usual payback period for investments in a small and medium business is 24-36 months. But being in a best location will be one of the key aspects to have your payback in less than a year. For a food cart, ROI can come even in just a couple of months.

What are the opening assistance that the company provides?

The company will provide the Now Open tarp, pillars, ribbon and logistics including coordination with respective parish priest for the blessing to be graced by the Management, when available.

Stipend and token for the priest will be for the account of the franchisee. Branch opening will be promoted thru social media marketing.

What form of continuing operational support will a Franchisee receive?

Aside from the Operations Manual and other materials, the Franchisee will receive periodic visits by our Franchise Team who will provide useful advises on various aspects of your business.

Who shall process the permit?

All permits will be processed by the Franchisee. As value added service, we shall guide and assist you for the requirements and completion of all needed permits to ensure the branch operates smoothly. This includes Brgy. Permit, Mayor’s Permit and BIR clearance.

What makes GUSTO GOTO Franchising attractive to potential investor?

Investors want a business that’s easy to run and easy to grow. What matters is whether the business will allow them the independence they want or whether the business makes money without much hassle.

And GUSTO GOTO is the key, since it is:

  • A simple business model that is easy to replicate
  • A simple product/service that is easy to create/provide
  • A simple, straightforward, and easy to understand set of franchise guidelines and procedures, and
  • A simple, easily recognizable brand

We have attempted to answer the frequently asked questions regarding the CHEF & MARKET BRANDS, INC. and CITY CHEF FRANCHISING CO. Franchise Program. We shall strive to respond to information requests within 48 hours.

If you have further queries, please feel free to get in touch with us by calling our Franchise and Operations Team at mobile 0967-793-0670 or by sending us an email at

Do you have further questions?

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